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Geo-Spatial Skills & Technology

Summer 2014 Places Travelled
Index Mundi: Thematic Maps
Over Lap Maps
40 Maps Various Topics
Site of Maps on the Web


Population Reference (Also International)
World of 7 Billion
7 Billion Actions
1492-Present Population Growth
Demographic Maps: Social Explorer
Average Marrying Age


Net Migration USA Counties

First Human Migrations Video Discovery

PBS Explaining the Surge of Central American Migrants
BBC Central American Children Migration to USA
Wilson Center: How to solve the child migration.
Migration Policy Institute: Rising Child Migration to the USA
NY Times: The Flow of Central American Children
Center for Gender and Refugee Studies: Chapters 9-13 for policy
Pew Research: What Americans Want
10 Possible Solutions
Pros and Cons of Various Solutions
The Washington Post: 3 Things to Know about Illegal Immigration
Counterpoint: A Stronger Border Patrol Is Not the Best Solution to Illegal Immigration.
Point: The US Needs to Control its Border with Mexico.
Counterpoint: Amnesty Promotes Illegal Immigration.
US Borders: An Overview.
Point: A Wall is the Best Way to Protect the U.S. Border.


Three Agricultural Revolutions Prezi
Story of American Agriculture
Agricultural Revolution Video Crash Course
First Agricultural Reading
Reading on all Three Agricultural Revolutions
International Food Security Assessment 2014-15

Energy Resources

Hybrid Car Energy Resource Presentation Example
Sentence Starters for Evaluation on 6th Slide
Rubric PowerPoint below is for your energy source presentation....yes, I know you are not using PowerPoint

Index Mundi: Gasoline Consumption

Economic Development

Mapping Povery in America
CIA World Factbook
Globalization Video Crash Course
Globalization II Video Crash Course
Walmart Expansion
Zip Code Wealth
Rich Block Poor Block

Political Geography

Elm4you Social Sciences (Social Studies)
Elm4you Reference Books and Encyclopedias
Elm4you History Databases
Overcoming Apartheid
European Imperialism Video Crash Course
Decolonization Video Crash Course
Example Colonization Presentation
Article: Peaceful Protest is More Effective
Article: Pacifism Works to Prevent War
Article: Violence is Never Justified
Article: Overview of Violent Protest
Article: Violence Can be Justified to Protest Government Policies
Article: Succession (taking over) by Force


Christianity Video Crash Course

Islam Video Crash Course
Buddhism Video Crash Course
English Evolution Video
History English Video


Ecofying Cities
Largest Urban Footprints

General and Interactive

Interactive Map Making
My Wonderful World National Geographic Campaign for Kids and Teens
My Wonderful World National Geographic Campaign Games
Waterlife and Conservation Games
Geo-Cube: 54 Topics
Global Trek
Use Maps to Compare the Present to the Past

Argument Essay Resources

Paragraph 1: Introduction-build background-claim/thesis with 2 reasons (is the last sentence)
Paragraph 2: All about the 1st reason from your claim/thesis with evidence and in-text citation
Paragraph 3: All about the 2nd reason from your claim/thesis with evidence and in-text citation
Paragraph 4: Counterclaim (opposite opinion) with evidence and in-text citation, then refute it (you are right they are wrong)
Paragraph 5: Conclusion- restate claim in different words, explain key points, and offer a solution if relevant
Bibliography/Works Cited: 3 or more citations of your sources in alphabetical order

Easybib to Make Citations
Elm 4 You Database
APA Youtube Videos
APA Guideline and Rules
MLA Citation Examples
Argument Essay Tips and Examples
Explanation of an Argument Essay

AP Human Geography Resources

Learnerator Test Prep
AP Human Geography Test
AP Human Geography Practice Test