Natasha Olubajo
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Social Studies Teacher

"The world in which you were born is just one model of reality.
Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you.
They are unique manifestations of the human spirit."
-Wade Davis Quote

Academic Experience

Growing up in South Minneapolis I attended Seward Open School, Ramsey International Fine Arts School, South High School, and MERC High School. At MERC I took post-secondary classes at Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC), and became a member of Americorps. Americorps is a federal program similar to the Peace Corps. In the Peace Corps you volunteer your time and services internationally, but in Americorps you volunteer your time and service in your local community. In Americorps I volunteered at various community centers and youth programs mainly in the Whittier neighborhood. I gained a lot of great experience in this program.

After graduating high school I traveled around Europe and Morocco for about eight months. I experienced many different cultures, music, food, languages,and saw many beautiful cities, country sides, churches, mosques, architecture,and natural landscapes. I loved meeting new people and not only learning about a different culture, but being totally immersed in different cultures.

When I came back to Minneapolis I worked at various restaurants and attended college full time. First, I received my AA at MCTC in their Urban Teacher Program, and then I transferred to Augsburg College. From Augsburg I received my Bachelor's in History, and successfully completed the Social Studies Teaching Program. In the fall of 2006 I student taught at Roosevelt High School in South Minneapolis, and in February 2007 I became a certified Social Studies teacher.

Teaching Experience

At Lincoln (2007-2012) I have taught Social Studies Skills for new beginning English students, MCA writing classes, computer and typing skills, Rosetta Stone, Geography, American Government, Economics, Personal Finance, World History and US History. I have also worked with students during advisory on their reading skills, and post-secondary plan. After school and during advisory I have worked with students on the school newspaper, yearbook, History Day Project, presentation for Augsburg College's Peace Festival, Model Assembly, Model United Nations, and Junior Achievement (JA) Titan.

At Humboldt (2012-present)I have taught 7th grade American Studies, 8th grade Geography, 10th grade Human Geography, 12th grade Economics and American Government. In 2013 I became one of the debate coaches as part of the Urban Debate league, and I hope to continue to build our debate team at Humboldt with our dedicated students.